Britney Spears Returns to CBS

how i met your motherProduction started Monday for Britney Spears’ return to CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother”.

The episode is slated to air May 12th (That’s pretty quick!) and this time around Abby is teaming up with the womanizing Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) in a shared hatred of her unrequited love, Ted.

Executive producer Craig Thomas said they are thrilled to have Britney back after her very successful first appearance on the show.

Go Britney!

Source:  Showbuzz CBS News

PS:  We’ll finally have a new picture from the show to use!!!  It’s about time!

Britney Online Owes State Taxes Big Time

britney owes taxesIt’s bad enough that Britney’s been slapped with a big lawyer bill, because now she’s finding out that one of her companies, Britney Online, Inc., owes over $23 grand in state taxes back from 2004 earnings it made.

If she (Or more to the point, her conservators) don’t get on it and pay the bill, interest and other fees will continue to build.

Besides this one company, no word on Britney’s other business entities.  Yep, she has a couple of businesses under her name:

Britney Touring, Britney Brands, Britney Films, Britney Television and FairyZone Productions.

More as it develops.

Source:  E Online

Britney’s Mom Turns to God

For whatever reason, (Gee hard to guess what) Lynne Spears is turning to God in hopes that daily prayer will help turn things around for her and her family, what with all that’s gone on with the travesties in the family, from bi-polar disorders and teen pregnancies.

In an exclusive new interview with the upcoming issue of Life + Style magazine, Lynne Spears says, “All I can do is turn to God for answers and just leave it in his hands.”

Lynne believes that because of her nurturing nature, Jamie-Lynn will make a great mom.

Source:  Contact Music

Britney’s Woes To Become A Play?

Over on Contact Music, it’s being reported that a new 0ff-Broadway play called Girls Day has been put together in a comedy about the troubles that Britney Spears and Tara Reid have gone through.

Spears will be portrayed by Jenn Harris and Sarah Saltzberg will be Reid.

It’s being called a tragi-comedy, and the time frame of the play is a month after Britney checks out of a rehab center.

It’s set to open May 11th at the Ace of Clubs Theatre.

This had better be some pretty witty writing for this to pull it off.  Mocking someone in need of help is a fine line, and done right, can be pretty funny.  Done wrong, it’s just a shameless way to plug your play with ratings generating names in it.

I’ll definitely be looking out for this one in reviews.

Britney to Return to CBS

britney_how_i_met_your_mother.JPGOn March 24th, Britney Spears appeared on the Fox hit show, How I Met Your Mother to the viewer applause of their best ratings ever. No matter what else, the antiquated method of how Nielsen generates ratings does speak a lot to the networks and the $$ in their eyes.

My guess it’s because of ratings, but no matter what else, at least it generated the chance for Britney’s fans to see her one more time on the show!

I assume she will be reprising her role as the receptionist at the dermatology office.

It’s being reported that both the studio and Brit’s camp are excited about the prospect.. and I can imagine new legal requirement to pay her lawyer bills helps one look for jobs!!

Source:  People Magazine

Ouch on Britney’s Bank Accounts – Lawyers Get Paid

celebutopiabritneyspearsinlosangeles-3.jpgAn L.A. court ordered Britney Spears to pay up almost $400k in legal fees to all the lawyers involved in the legal wranglings and other deeds that lawyers do.

Then it’s not too shabby to be the court appointed lawyer either, being that Samuel Ingham is getting $10k a week!  A WEEK!  Wow.

Heck, even the conservators are getting a piece of the pie as Andrew Wallet will be getting a $100k advance.  Not the fee, an advance.

Other details on fees:

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Britney Getting A Gym Membership

larry-rudolph.jpgActually, the title is a bit of an understatement.  It looks like Britney’s parents have been in negotiations with Bally Total Fitness to be their spokesperson.

This potential scenario all made possible by Larry Rudolph.

As you all know, Larry Rudolph is coming back into her life, as it’s been reported out and about.  The proof is in the pudding.  Rudolph knows John Wildman, who’s the Chief Marketing man at Bally.

At this point, Britney has been hitting the gym on a daily basis getting it all back in shape, including working with a nutritionist who’s put her straight on a healthy diet.

There’s nothing concrete yet, but we are all in the wait and see mode.

Source:  TMZ

Court Commissioner Gets Honors

What?  How’s that related to Britney Spears you ask?  Easy.  He’s the family law commissioner that’s been handling the divorce and custody case between Britney and Federline.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon was honored as “Outstanding Judicial Officer of 2008” by the Southwestern Law School Alumni Association on Thursday.

After an illustrious career that consisted of positions such as a county prosecutor, a police detective, a legal specialist for the U.N.’s International Criminal Tribunal, and an instructor for various law enforcement agencies including the FBI, he gets to reside over the important things like Hollywood divorce cases.  Hmm.


UCLA Dr.’s Get Off Light

medical-symbol.jpgRemember when Britney Spears was ‘visiting’ the UCLA Medical Center and during the course of all the excitement, some folks pried into Britney’s private files, then got caught doing it?

After all was said and done, 53 different people, 14 of which were doctors, reviewed her files even though they weren’t treating her, and that, in the medical record world, is a no-no.  Bad Dr.’s. Bad!!

It seems that being a doctor has it’s rank and privileges after all.

Of the 53 people, 18 non-doctors either resigned, retired or were ‘dismissed’, as the term is put, yet no doctors left, quit, or were fired.  I find that the elitist attitude of the medical world still runs strong.

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Lutfi Sitting It Out – No Contest Yet Again

Sam LutfiSam Lutfi is not going to appear in court to contest the restraining order…   again.

This is the 2nd time he’s bowed out of fighting the court order and I’m wondering what’s up with that?  What’s up his sleeve, because the allegations are pretty severe, and if true, he has to have something going on as to why he doesn’t fight it.

Lynne Spears originally accused Lutfi of trying to “to take control of [Britney’s] life, home and finances.”, but those were just the cake under the icing, never mind the drug allegations like, “Mr. Lutfi drugged Britney,” and “He has cut Britney’s home phone line and removed her cell phone chargers. He yells at her. He claims to control everything—Britney’s business manager, her attorneys, and the security guards at the gate.”  As Lynne’s affidavit states.

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