Britney is Not Pregnant, and Why Costa Rica

Yep, someone is distilling that stupid rumor yet again that she might be pregnant, if anything, probably to just generate attention for themselves, but none the less, Brit’s camp has to deal with it, and deal with it they did.

A spokesperson claims: “I want to make completely clear that Britney is not pregnant. There’s not going to be a statement — she’s just not.”

Folks – sometimes camera angles and bad clothing choice can combine for some interesting imagery.

Costa Rica Thoughts:
It’s also been mentioned that the reason Mel Gibson  got them on their private estate was to try and convince her to attend his therapy group, who’s helped him, Courtney Love and others with their issues.

Source:  The Sun

Mel Gibson Extends a Welcome Hand

britney spears in costa ricaActor Mel Gibson has said in the past he’s friends with Britney and seems to be proving it as she has been taking a vacation from her life in Costa Rica at a property owned by Gibson.

Spears was with her father, Jamie Spears.  During the vacation stint, he put his foot down with the paparazzi by saying they could take as many pics as they wanted as long as they kept at least 50 yards away.  Now they know how Same Lutfi feels!

Of course the media being what it is, is taking their opportunities where they can get them and bashing her bikini shots and other activities she’s trying to enjoy on her little escape.

You be the judge.  It’s also been noted that Gibson was nowhere in site during her stay.

Image Source The Celebrity Gossip Net

Sam Lutfi Stays Away Some More

Sam Lutfi has agreed yet again, to restrain himself from approaching Britney Spears for at least one more month.

He’s agreed to the extension yet again from a side agreement that will ward off any legal confrontations with Brit’s parents.  (This tells me he definitely has something to hide or worry about.)

Restraining orders can be extended for up to five years.  (I’m thinking they should take the legal system up on that!)

Source:  People

Britney Gets Herself Another Bumper Dent

I am so sick of everyone using the obvious phrase that I am not even going to give it any credit to repeat it here, .. again..  oops.  NOOooooo.

IN case you haven’t heard, Britney got into a fender bender in Beverly Hills, and because she’s followed by the pseudo gang called paparazzi, it was caught on video…  Jeeze, you can’t even sneeze without getting snapped.

She bumped a red Ford Explorer with her Mercedes.  Hope the Mercedes is OK..  Fords can take it.. no problem.. I should know, I’ve slammed mine into trees, giant shrubs, hillsides, through rivers, etc.. etc…

After the bump bump, her bodyguard got out and took care of details.


Ashlee Simpson Slips When Asked About Britney

Ashlee Simpson made a nice new name for herself when she made a fo-par..  or is that fopar,  when during an radio interview, she was quizzed on her knowledge of London rhyming slang.

She was was asked what she thought the phrase, “You’ve had one-too-many Britney Spears” meant.

She said  ‘Oh, you’ve had one too many trashy girls!’…  Yea, well, now we know what she’s got going on in her head.  She did not know that the phrase meant someone had drunk too much beer.

Nice move Ashlee, bashing our Britney.

Source:  SF Gate

Brits Second Appearance on TV

britney on How I Met Your MotherBritney Spears appearance, her second one, on How I Met Your Mother, seemed to go over not only well, but apparently well enough for the producers to ponder asking her to reprise her role some more in the future.

Hey, ratings are ratings being as how her appearance has again sparked the best ratings since her last appearance.

Not to be critical , but if she were a regular, the appearances would probably become mundane and their ratings would pan out over time.. I think they’re doing it right by bringing her in every now and then.


Britney Spears Makes a Surprise Visit to MTV

The Brit showed up at the season finale of MTV’s “Rock the Cradle,” to support manager and friend Larry Rudolph who is a a judge on the show.  Her appearance surprised everyone.

The show puts kids of famous musicians against each other in musical competitions, and her visit to the show came on the heels of spending the day with her own kids, Jayden James and Sean Preston.

Source:  ExtraTV

Britney Gets a Legal Victory

britney_5_030408.jpgBritney Spears gets not only a little bit of a legal victory today, but more parental interaction with her sons as she has now been granted up to three days a week of supervised visitations where she can spend time bonding more closely with her boys, Jayden and Sean.

Kevin Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan (I thought only movie stars have three names?) announced the news at a press conference.

Everyone is please with the progress that she’s been making, and we can all vouch from what we’ve been seeing that this appears most true.

The next hearing is set for July 15th.

Source:  US Magazine

So How Much can a Meltdown Cost?

brit_in_car050208.jpgWhen Britney had her ever so public breakdown that we were witness to over the last year, all we ever saw was the media it generated, the depravity it appeared as and the targeting of comedians and others with each new deed, fueling the material they were building off it.

At the height of the problems, her father, Jamie Lynn was made one of the conservators of her estate and as they started going over the books, boy, did they find out how much a mental breakdown can really cost.

When everything from rehab, shrink care and legal bills, the mental spell has been estimated to have cost her around $61 million.  On top of that, there’s an additional estimate that she’s lost around $50 million from not being able to go on tour to  support her album sales.

It’s nuts, how much one can spend or not make and now that her dad has taken control of the budget, and cut out some of the fluff, she’s only spending only about 1/5th of what she used to spend.

Source:  In Touch Weekly

Britney Visits her Sister, Jamie-Lynn

Britney Spears and Jamie-Lynn SpearsWhen ya toss a baby shower, it’s a time for family to come together and come together they will.

Britney Spears left the L.A. area Friday morning to go visit her sister, Jamie-Lynn for Jamie’s baby shower, in Kentwood, Louisiana.

This will be the first time they will be seeing each other since last fall when Sam Lutfi was stirring the Spears pot like it’s alleged he was doing.

Source for news and image: OK Magazine