Britney Will Be Headed to Court for Custody

June 27:  Despite everyone’s best efforts to amicably settle the custody of Preston and Jayden, no agreement could be mediated between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

What this means is that they now have a court date set for August to start the trail for custody.

Federline is seeking sole physical and legal custody of the children.

Of late, Britney has been spending more time with her children as things settle down with her life and she’s getting her feet more soundly under her after last year’s rough patch.

Source:  People

Britney’s Sister, Jamie Gave Birth

I’m going way out on a limb and thinking you already know this, but I would be remiss if I did not file this in our ‘Everything Britney’ logs here, but Jamie Lynn gave birth to a 7lb, 11 oz baby girl, and the little tykes’ name is Maddie Brianne.

Britney Spears Lands At LAXBritney Flew home to be with her sister and now that everything is settling down, Brit came home.

On the down side, coming home and flying commercial can suck if you’re Britney Spears.

After arriving at LAX, Brits’ body guard got into it with a photographer and the PO-lice were called in to break it up.   No charges were filed, so I hope the body guard got a good shot or two in.  Make the pap earn his living the hard way!

Source of lax news and photo, with video:  TMZ

Britney to the Courts: Please Don’t Charge Me!

hitandrun.jpgMama Spears Needs More Media, So…   while Britney is asking a judge to drop a charge related to “driving without a license”, her mom has, for whatever reason, stepped in to “help” out.

This comes from when Brit hit a car in a parking lot last year, but drove off.  Lynne filed a declaration saying that Britney has temporary residences in Florida, New York and California.  Lynne further complicated her daughters’ life by saying that’s why she didn’t know she needed a license in California!

So basically, she’s above the same laws the rest of us are expected to all know, whether we read the manuals or not.  Thanks Lynne!!  Glad to know.

Britney Is Looking to Move

britney selling her houseAccording to reports, Britney is looking to sell her present house in Beverly Hills and is looking seriously in the Calabasas, CA area so she can be close to her kids who are located in the Tarzana, CA area.  (Both places I’ve lived and worked…  I like Calabasas.)

Of course nothing can happen without approval from the legal system and sure enough, they granted approval for such a deed to take place.

Source:  TMZTMZ

Britney Is Ordered To Get Some Psych Tests

On June 18th, a judge ordered Britney Spears to undergo some psych tests in preparation for the scheduled July 31st  conservatorship update hearing with the intent of the test to determine if she’s mentally capable of taking control of the reins of her finances and medical maintenance.

Spears’ attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, said she will comply with order.  I’m betting the other lawyers that had quit during her blow up are kicking themselves for bailing on their cash cow right now.

Source:  LA Times  (Possible subscription Needed)

Dad Seeks Back Pay!

britney spears and her father, jamie spearsLast week Jamie Spears filed a declaration with the Courts seeking back pay for the weeks he first stepped up to the plate to be a co-conservator in Britney’s estate.

The Courts started his salary on March 3rd of this year, but he is now looking for compensation for when he brought her home from the hospital and secured her living and care situation.

If you think about it,  our day to day business just comes and goes, but if you have to do it for someone else’s life, it can get hectic.

So even though he’s receiving $2500 a WEEK right now, he seems to think he needs more.  No judgment,  I’m just saying.

Info and Photo Source:   X17 Online

Britney in New Pussycat Dolls Video

Continuing on her road to recovery being hard at work, Britney has put in an appearance on yet another video production, this time with the Pussycat Dolls for their song, “When I Grow Up”.

As the article put it,

“In the scene shot, Britney is driving in a car. They all wave at each other as they are passing in traffic – that is it. It is genius and you will love it! Of course, Britney looks hot and blonde.”

One more short and developing task put behind her.

Observation:  I’m getting tired of everyone referring to Britney as the ‘troubled singer’ or popstar.  It seems like a shameless ploy to generate internet hits and site traffic.  She’s no longer the troubled popstar, she is a recovering human being who appears to be getting her life back on track with a little bit of help from her father and the CA court system.

OK, so maybe it doesn’t sound completely rosy, but it’s headed in the right direction.

Source:  China Daily

Britney Wants Her Financial Control Back!

In yet another effort on her part to take her own life back, Britney appealed the courts ruling that extended her fathers conservatorship until July 31st.

Unfortunately her appeal was rejected by the courts on the grounds that the motion was not filed properly.

Is it me, or is it interesting that she keeps wanting to take her life back?  It’s one thing to be sick and need control, and it’s another to continually try to get control back and for what ever reasons deemed necessary, the courts continue to extend her dad’s control of her estate.

I hope it’s not some evil ploy by Jamie Spears, since he did leave his catering job for this new one!  On the other hand, I’m guessing we’ll really discover if Britney is healthy as soon as she does get control of her life back and see if she goes nuts with the funds or maintains a sense of sanity.

We can only hope and time, as in all matters, will be the telling factor.


Britney Knows Where She Wants to Be Buried

It seems kind of morbid, and if this came out six months ago, the media would have had a field day about it and the condition she was in back then, but alas, this is yet another sign of thinking ahead and getting healthy believe it or not.

Britney visited the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and took a respectful gander at the graves of Marilyn Monroe and Rudolph Valentin.  Now there’s an interesting mix and possibly an insight into some things she appreciates.

“Sources” say that she visits Monroe’s grave often and is fascinated by her and while on her own recovery, has been reading up on the past mega star.

A healthy statement accredited to Britney that was reported said that she said that she wants to live and wants to be brought here when she’s 101.  (Cute)

Source:  Monsters and Critics

Britney Headed Off to London

britney-spears-022408.jpgBritney is set to go off to London to film her next single, titled Radar.

The nice spin up about this is that Britney will be directing the video to make sure it’s what she wants in the video.

Her former manager (And suspected soon to be present one) says about the video:

“The theme is her and her girlfriends are going to be looking all around London trying to find a boy who she met in a club. Every time they think they have him, it’s someone else,” 

Source:  TransworldNews