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When it comes to Britney Spears, everyone wants to know about her life. She was on top of her game, once the girlfriend of Justin Timberlake, and then wife to Kevin Federline and mother of two. She fell so far so fast, but she is on the comeback trail now. Her next CD Circus will be released on her birthday. The woman and her family are never boring to follow. This blog will be your source for all things Britney. Whether it is her music, her life, or her family, you will find it all here.

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Custody Challenge Has Been Settled, Federline Making Out

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears have settled the custody “battle” to the tune of $20k a month being paid by Britney to Federline and he retains sole custody of Jayden, 1 1/2, and Preston, 2 1/2.

He told People magazine in his first outing a few days ago since the custody resolution, that he’s doing good and can’t complain, while at a golfing event.

When asked about his own work plans, he said he wasn’t going to reveal his work strategy.  I’m thinking you need a strategy besides getting paid $140k a year to take care of your kids to be able to talk about one.


Do kids really eat $20k worth of food every month?

Lynn Spears WAS in Town

Lynne Spears was in town back around the 14th of July to visit Britney.  My take was that she’s either trying to figure out another angle to broker some deal for Britney, or she’s been doing some mother-daughter bonding time.  I can’t decide which.

For the detailed oriented reader, while she was here, her and Britney went shopping at the True Religion warehouse and Pottery Barn on Friday before enjoying a “girls dinner” of salad, sushi rolls, and fish at Bond St. restaurant with two of Britney’s pals.


Britney Spears into Bondage?

madonna_20061102.JPGWell, maybe not… but it’s being reported (welt online) that the video that Britney has been recording for Madonna’s new tour is reported to be pretty steamy, to go along with Madonna’s new, pretty steamy concert tour. Many can’t wait.

Specifically, the piece is supposed to be vintage Madonna, as the two of them will be adorned in leather bondage pants and knee-high boots.

I’ve seen both reports and denials of this little project, but Britney has been filming something that will be played with Madonna’s 1995 hit, Human Nature. In it, Britney plays a woman stuck in an elevator and is frantic to get out. Human nature takes over with panic.

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Is Jamie Lynn Spears Sending the Wrong Message?

jamie_lynn_in_ok.jpgAs we know, the 17-year old Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a cute little package named Maddie Briann.  She’s sold the first images of the little bundle of joy to OK Magazine for a million dollars and has given a few additional interviews, of which I’m sure she was probably paid for too.

With that said, she’s made a bunch of mula from OK magazine pimping out her little one’s pics.  Something her mother, Lynne Spears helped broker.  That could make the statement, “grandma is a hands on grandma” have more meaning as she takes care of her own meal ticket.

But underneath it all, teen pregnancy seems to have been pushed into the background behind all the celebrity pitch of the famous sister of Britney Spears being a mom, dad off to work, grandma hovering, etc., etc..

I’m happy for her that “Being a mom is the best feeling in the world for her.”  BUT this is a 17 year-old girl who, like many others before her, didn’t THINK it through while romping between the sheets with her man-child boyfriend, Casey Aldrige.  If anything, whatever money they make from this endeavor should be contributed to teen-pregnancy organizations, because face it:  Almost all other teens who are pregnant aren’t making millions from their mistake.  Instead, they have a very different experience and that should be brought to light.

Meanwhile, OK Magazine is enjoying their relationship with the poster child for teen pregnancy.

That’s all I’m saying.

Source:  AP Google,   NewsWeek

Paris Hilton Wants Britney!

paris_hilton.jpgNo, not THAT way!   Hmm…  oh, never mind.

It’s been reported that Paris Hilton wants to do a new reality program, as if we don’t have enough of those, that targets the lives of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

For some reason, Paris thinks that Denise Richards effort at a reality show was a success and wants to take advantage of the market for this kind of show.

Good luck girl.

Source:  Ireland On-Line

MTV May Give Britney A Second Chance!

managerquits.jpgIt’s being reported that MTV is considering giving Britney Spears a second chance to perform in this September’s Video Music Awards (VMAs).

If you remember, last year, it didn’t quite go was well as planned, no, hoped for.  Plan is too strong a word.

MTV president Van Toffler was quoted to saying:  “Everyone deserves a second or third chance, right?”

The VMA’s will be in Los Angeles this year.

Source:  StarPulse

Britney is Working On Her Next Album!

britneyandthesnake.jpgHere’s some awesome news in the right direction that puts everyone possibly at ease:  Britney is working on her new album.

Reportedly,  Vegas kingpin George Maloof is backing the effort and is being recorded at the Palms Casino.  An establishment of Maloof’s.  (Source:  TMZ)

On her new album, it’s been reported that she’s going to have Grammy winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins working with her on two of her tracks.  Jerkins says that her next album is going to be up-tempo, aggressive material.

His prediction is that “It’s about to become her time again.”

The man who’s worked with Destiny’s Child, Toni Braxton and Michael Jackson just might have a keen eye for that kind of prediction. (Source:  The Celebrity Truth)

Is Britney Moving?

It was reported in late June that Britney got permission from the overseeing judge of her legal state to sell her Beverly Hills home for a more modest place that’s closer to her kids.  That place is Calabasas, CA.. That’s on the West side of the San Fernando Valley where the 101 leaves the valley.

From what I’ve read around the web, she’s looking for something a little less public. Dumping her BH place is a great first step.

But I have to wonder out loud if the hope of selling her place in this wonderful real estate market will work out?  Heck it took me several months to sell a modestly priced home back when the market just started taking the tumble

We can only wish her the best of luck on this endeavor!

Britney Now Has Overnight Time With Kids

britney spearsJune 25:  Some good news:

After reviewing the status of her mental condition, a judge has awarded Britney opportunity for overnight visits with her children, Sean and Jayden.

She lost her visitation rights 6 months back when she ‘snapped’ a little.

Source:  NJ.com