Britney Hits GMA, Announces Tour


Britney Hit The Stage at Good Morning America for two performances, Womanizer and Circus. She looked hot! Not only that, but today she has announced that she will be going on tour in 2009 with The Pussycat Dolls as her opening act.

Right now, the tour starts on March 3rd with a date in New Orleans. The tour then makes its way across the country with the final date now set for London in June.  More dates could be added.

Check out both performances of her on Good Morning America this morning and the dates for her tour under the cut.

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Happy Birthday Britney – Circus Is OUT

It is now December 2nd, which means two things. Britney Spears is officially 27 years old, and Circus is now available in stores. Britney will be hitting Good Morning America first thing in the morning to celebrate both things. That means she is currently in New York City after hitting Europe last week in a whirlwind tour.

What do you think of Circus? Talk about it here!

Britney Is Glamorous

Britney Spears was on Rolling Stone last week, and now she is on the cover of Glamour Magazine’s January 2009 issue. She is looking great in this photo spread. In this interview, she talks about her life, and how she is looking for a husband. She also had this advice for her younger sister Jamie Lynn, who had her first child this year.

As a mother, the one thing that always goes through your head is, You’re never enough. You never can be enough—or do enough—for your kids. It’s a never-ending issue for me. I had to learn: Don’t beat yourself up so much…. You have to take it one day at a time, do the best that you can and enjoy yourself. I notice that if there are some times I’ve been stressed, because I’m human and stress about things, that affects your kids. So you have to make sure you’re a happy mom so they can be happy.

Check out the scans of the issue of Glamour below. Thanks to Breathe Heavy!


britneyglamourjanuary20092.jpg britneyglamourjanuary20093.jpg britneyglamourjanuary20094.jpg britneyglamourjanuary20095.jpg

Britney Hits X-Factor Then Heads Home

Britney Spears is on her way back to the United States as we speak after performing one last time in Europe. Her last stop was at Simon Cowell’s X-Factor in the UK. Check out the video of the performance below.

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Don’t forget to tune in tonight to MTV for Britney’s documentary, Britney: For The Record.

Britney Hits Star Academy

Britney is continuing her promotional tour of Europe. Yesterday in France, she appeared on the Star Academy stage. Star Academy is France’s take on the popular American Idol. You can see the video from her performance below.

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Britney Rocks Bambi Awards


Let’s say this now. Britney is BACK! While we were back in the US eating our Thanksgiving dinner and watching football, Britney Spears was in Germany performing live at the Bambi Awards. This performance is one of her best I’ve seen in quite some time.

She performed Womanizer to a packed crowd wearing leather boots, a sheer top and a top hat. She brought her own circus to the stage. After her performance, she was presented with an award, the Pop International Bambi. This weekend, she will appear on X-Factor, but she will be back in the US just in time for her appearance bright and early Tuesday morning on Good Morning America.

Check out her performance at the Bambi Awards below.

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More From Britney’s Rolling Stone & Circus Peek

Things are moving full speed ahead towards the release of Britney Spear’s Circus. Yesterday, the cover of her issue of Rolling Stone hit. Later in the day, Rolling Stone released a full gallery of new pictures from the photo shoot, and she is looking hot here! This is the best I’ve seen Britney look in a long time.

Not only do we have new pictures of Britney from Rolling Stone, a sneak peek of the second music video off the album has been released. This one is for Circus. You can see both the pictures and the video preview below.



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Britney Spears Covers Rolling Stone


Her album, Circus, is set for release a week from today, and right now Britney is in Germany promoting its release. However, in the US, she is on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, and with the way she looks on this cover, ‘yes she can’ is perfect for her. She definitely is hot on the comeback trail. She might not be completely happy at this point, but it looks like her family has her best interests at heart. She is looking great these days, and I can’t wait to see where she goes or what she does next.

Here is quote from the interview with Rolling Stone that goes on news stands this week:

I feel like an old person now. I do! I go to bed at, like, 9:30 every night, and I don’t go out or anything.

Her manager, Larry Rudolph, also had the following to say about Britney:

This is going to be the album that cements her legend status. Her job is to be Britney Spears. And unfortunately, that job bleeds into her personal life and creates this odd situation where she needs to have security people around her all the time.

New Britney Circus Promo Pics

Here we are. Just a little over a week away from the release of Britney’s new album, Circus. Britney is busy promoting this one hard right now, and there are new pictures out from a promotional shoot for the album. These were released just over the weekend, and they look hot.

Britney’s website, once again shared the wealth. Check out these new pictures below! She looks hot. Currently, the singer is on her way to Germany, if she isn’t already there. She’ll be back in the US just in time for the album to drop next week.

gallery_main-britney-spears-photoshoot-black112108.jpg gallery_main-britney-spears-white-photoshoot112108-1.jpg gallery_main-britney-spears-whote-photoshoot112108-2.jpg

Britney Goes Back To Court & Heads To Germany

Britney Spears was seen back in court on Friday, and not for her driving. This time, she was talking about the upcoming release of her album, her tour and any promotion that will go along with it. Her father is still in charge of things as far as her career and life goes. He has a finger on all she does as he tries to keep her in line. He doesn’t want to see Britney fall down again.

She does seem to be doing better in recent months. She’s winning awards, and she is out promoting Circus. Her next stop to promote is Germany. Britney will do a quick promotional tour starting Monday in Germany. She still has an appearance in France next weekend, and Britney: For The Record premieres on MTV next Sunday.

This is all leading up to release of Circus on December 2nd. Check out some new pictures of Britney below yesterday outside of a Starbucks in Los Angeles.

 frappucino-spears-02.jpg frappucino-spears-03.jpg