Britney Gets a Speeding Ticket

britney-spears-speeding-ticket los angeles

Britney Spears was pulled over in Los Angeles last night for speeding. Of course, there were men with her in her Mercedes Benz convertible coupe. Look at her face! She looks really shocked. Uh, Brit? There’s a little thingy on your dashboard called a spedometer and it lets you know how fast you are going. If you go over the number on the signs along the road telling you the speed limit, you are speeding. Just a little tutorial for Brit Brit…


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Britney Under Investigation by SPCA?

britney spears and dog

Britney Spears‘ home was visited by the SPCA earlier this week because they received numerous calls about her dog being injured and/or neglected.

Madeline Bernstein, President of SPCA – L.A., told last night,

“We have received various sources of complaints throughout the day. Some said that Britney’s Yorkie dog was injured and had a cast on, and some said the dog had a broken leg and was not treated. After the calls started pouring in, we did go to Britney’s house today [on Mulholland Drive] but were just able to leave a note with the housekeeper. The matter is not if the dog had an accident, but if the dog is getting proper care.”

Madeline also told us they haven’t heard back from Miss Spears. “Britney is out of town,” Bernstein tells us, “but we hope to have an answer soon and get the matter resolved pretty quickly.”

I wish the Child Protection Agency was just as concerned…

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Trump asks Britney to be on upcoming show; “Celebrity Apprentice”

trump britney

It seems that Donanld Trump wants to take another shot at boosting his show “The Apprentice” by creating a spin-off “Celebrity Apprentice.” No news if Britney accepted the offer but co-party goers Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton might be called to be on the show as well, sources say.



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Timbaland Doesn’t Want Britney Spears at Awards


Wow… Timbaland, arguably one of the most important and influential people in music right now has said that he would prefer if Britney Spears would not appear at the MTV Music Awards next month:

“I’m the maestro,” he told Access Hollywood. “If I don’t know nothing about it…could be, hope not. I don’t know, I don’t know nothing about it. Wooh, that would be a headache.”

LOL. That’s terrible!

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