Britney’s Upcoming Single “Gimme More”

britney spears gimme-more

Britney‘s new single, “Gimme More” is said to be an up-tempo song produced by Nate ’Danjahandz’’ Hills, a protg of Timbaland. Britney apparently shot the music video for “Gimme More” in July.

“People are going to love [the new single],’’ raved one source. ’It’s like when Justin came back [with FutureSex/LoveSounds] — she’s got a whole new sound. She’s funky.”

“It’s a smash! She’s going to come out strong. The only question is, with all the drama, are people going to want something fun or something more serious? This is a dance single.”, says another source.

We’ll see, won’t we?

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Another “Ew” Moment From Britney

britney spears short dress in beverly hills aug 28





















Yes, you just witnessed yet another unflattering Britney photo. Britney went out in Beverly Hills, on August 28th, wearing this mini dress. Oh, the many sides of Britney Spears!

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Documents From Britney and Kevin’s Hearing!

Brit and Kev's documents has gotten a hold of documents concerning the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline hearing on August 20th. In the documents, it was revealed that Britney makes an average of $737,868 a month! Can you believe it?

To see the documents click on the picture, or click here.

Here is TMZ’s article:

K-Fed’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, claims in a declaration filed last Monday that Britney “is clearly the ‘monied party’ in this case.” Kaplan is asking Brit to front $50K for expenses in connection with the custody hearing, claiming his bill will be in excess of $40,000.

The documents reveal K-Fed is receiving $20K a month for spousal support but the payments end on November 15.

As we first reported last Monday, the documents reveal that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is investigating Spears for allegedly neglecting her kids. The allegations — poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits. The portions of the documents relating to DCFS have been totally redacted.

The heavily redacted docs include the names of the people who have been or are being subpoenaed in K-Fed’s move to grab 70/30 custody — Alli Sims, Promises Treatment Center, Dr. Betty Wyman (Brit’s designated sober companion), Larry Rudolph (Spears’ former manager), Daimon Shippen (former bodyguard), Shannon Funk (former assistant) and Christine Hallet (former nanny).



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Britney’s Night Out in Los Angeles

Celebutopia Britney Spears in LosAngeles




















Britney Spears spent the night out in Los Angeles, but couldn’t get through the night without giving the photographers the finger.


More pics after the jump!

Source: Celebutopia

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Britney Club Hops with Diddy?

britney spears tan 2

What in the world is this all about? On the night before her big opening at the MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears was spotted club hopping and partying until 3 a.m.!

Diddy was by her side and she even had a chance to catch up with Paris Hilton.

People magazine reports the following:

After taking in a Saturday-night performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere with four friends, Spears headed to the Hard Rock Hotel’s Body English for the 50 Cent album release party.

Diddy and Spears slipped into a booth with Hilton and 50 Cent. The crowd went wild when the deejay gave a shout-out to Spears, who bobbed her head to Lil Jon’s “Snap Yo Fingers” in unison with Hilton.


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Britney Confirms VMA Appearance!

Britney Lax Opening10

Wow. This should be interesting! Britney Spears will be appearing at the VMAs this year! Here’s the press release:

“After weeks of mind-blowing media speculation, MTV confirms today that Britney Spears will be opening the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. Celebrating her long awaited comeback to her fans, Spears will be performing LIVE her new song “Gimme More” from her highly anticipated new album due on November 13th. The star studded awards show will air live Sunday, September 9th at 9PM Live ET/Tape delayed PT.”

Jesse Ignjatovic, the executive producer of this year’s VMAs said:

“I guess, looking back, we’ve had a great history with her. Some of the biggest TV performances [of her career] have been at the VMAs. And fortunately, [when we approached her about performing], she was into it and excited to do it. I wanted her to come on and make a statement right from the very beginning of the show. And she’ll kill it. I wanted to start the show in a very big and dramatic way, and she’s the one to do that. She’ll captivate everyone, and set the tone for the rest of the night. There’s no one better.

“You can expect the things we want and expect from Britney — that will all be there. What I’ve seen of it is great. She’ll be dancing, performing, doing her thing. That’s exactly what we all want. Fans that are familiar with her performance on previous VMAs will not be disappointed.”

Geez – I can barely wait. I wonder what role Criss Angel is going to be playing in this performance. I actually hope it goes well for her since she’s been such a mess lately…


Britney Showed Up for LAX Gig!


Woohoo! There were reports that Britney Spears was going to flake out on her scheduled appearance at the LAX club last night but homegirl showed up (2 hours late)! The nightclub was celebrating its’ grand opening at the Luxor Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve heard that she was paid $100,000 for the gig. Unfortunately, she was late and refused to grant any interviews.

Just Jared reports that “The owner of LAX, Steve Davidovich, president of Pure Management Group, literally jumped into her path as she arrived in front of the photographers. Steve stopped Britney and had her pose for the cameras. After posing on the carpet (about 15 seconds later), Britney decided to exit the carpet without looking back. She was quickly surrounded by security and escorted into the club, where she reportedly danced to her new single “Gimme More” (download mp3) off her upcoming album, due out Nov. 13.”

Can you believe that, after arriving at only 12:10am, she was back in LA by 1:30????? Wow. Why do people pay her for this crap?


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Britney’s Bikinis and Wigs

First, Britney Spears is seen in her bikini walking around with a black wig on and then, before you can say presto change-o, she’s blonde again! I guess it really is kind of a reflection of who she seems to be now – confused. Here are the pics:

britney spears black wig bikini

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Britney Spears Out and About

Here are some pics of Britney Spears looking tanned and toned with a new long, blonde wig. She *almost* looks decent in this pics.

britney spears tan

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Britney Spears – The Latest

Britney Spears and Jayden

Wow. There’s serious crap going down in Britney Spears life and I am beginning to really worry about her. Not that I wasn’t worried before but, if she were to lose custody of her children and be found guilty of child abuse/neglect, her career will basically be over and when you add that to her substance abuse problems, alienation from family members and lack of good friends, you have a recipe for disaster.

Seriously, I am beginning to wonder what is going on with Britney Spears‘ custody case. People are scrambling all over the place, her manager has gone into hiding and the allegations are just plain weird! Apparently, Aaron Cohen and company were out serving papers again when the whole situation got crazy.

The man they were trying to serve was just coming home when he saw them waiting and, like a bat out of hell, he hit Aaron’s car and sped off, driving straight through a stop sign in the process. Obviously, they were not able to serve him the papers. source

Also, Brit’s not being accused of physical abuse but, rather, a combination of other factors. The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is investigating claims that the singer doesn’t properly care for the children, citing “poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits for her kids.” It’s also been discovered that another anonymous complaint was lodged on July 2nd but nothing became of it.

You may remember that Britney (still married to Kevin Federline at the time) was investigated twice before: once when she was caught driving with Sean Preston out of a carseat and once when Sean Preston fell from his high chair.

How many times is DCS going to investigate and do nothing? This is getting ridiculous!

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