Did Britney Get Married?

It’s being reported about the web from a couple of websites that when Britney traveled down to Mexico recently, that she secretly married Adnan.

To boot, Adnan has been questioned by the BHPD about an allegedly rumored (Is that a double negative not?) incident where Adnan punched a photographer when he got too close to take a picture. OK, now that’s just plain confusing coming from the money sniffing pap that’s always dogging at her side.. maybe he’s protecting his mining rights. (TMZ)

Now back to the married thing. Hogwash!!

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Britney Goes Shopping and News of a World Tour to Boot

Britney Spears ShoppingToday we see Britney Spears out shopping with her mom today over at TMZ (Photo captured from TMZ) And here’s hoping she bought some things without the holes in them.

Meanwhile, PETA, never missing a moment to shove themselves in the middle of the spotlight, sent a letter to Britney’s parents talking about studies that showed people with hidden dairy sensitivities (a very common condition) can worsen cases of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. (TMZ) Sooo basically what they’re sayin’ is that EVERYONE can be bipolar. I recognize there are vegetarians out there, but exactly how do you sort out the details from the noise on this one?

PETA recommends beans to help with her problems. Great, bring on a new one… Oops, I did it again!! phffft…

Holly Scoop says that Brit’s present lawyers want out. That we knew. But they’ve added a new piece of information to the issue: They’re p****d off that Britney’s dad wants her old lawyer Laura Wasser back and they’re tired of not being able to communicate with Britney.

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What Was up With the Extra Papers Last Week?


It’s all becoming apparent why extra papers were filed last Thursday. It seems that Britney’s business manager had been given certain restrictions that he ignored and that didn’t set well with Jamie Spears.

Howard Grossman was not permitted to give her money or meet with her, and well, yea, he sort of did that. He met with Britney at the Beverly Hills Hotel last week and also had a Mercedes Benz delivered to the hotel. WTH was he thinking? (TMZ)

On top of that, Osama Lutfi (We know him as Sam, but his first name is Osama.. go figure.) had been making cash demands of Grossman but at least Grossman did one thing right and did not comply. (Holly Scoop)

Due to the various allegations and circumstances, this is why Jamie Spears fired the ever reputable Mr Grossman. But after all is said and done, Grossman says he doesn’t understand why the conservators would want to fire him. Jeeze..

K-Fed’s Publicist is Fed Up and Britney Keeps Dancing

Michael Sands no longer represents K-Fed and his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan as their publicist because he thinks they’ve gone too far in the custody battle.

Sands thinks they need to lay off and is disgusted at how K-Fed hides behind his lawyer rather than stepping up to help his ex-wife in her time of distress dealing with her bi-polar disorder.

He feels that any mom, no matter the condition, should be allowed to see her kids.. albeit, in some circumstances, supervised. (Holly Scoop)


Speaking of Britney Spears, (I mean, it is a Britney Blog) she spent a second day at Millennium Dance Studio and this time with dad in attendance. (TMZ)

Britney’s Father has more Control

On top of having control over Britney Spears’ estate, Jamie Spears has been granted the ability to fire her business manager, Howard Grossman.

This follows statements made by Britney’s mom, Lynne, that the pop star’s self-styled manager, Sam Lufti, had drugged her to take control of her home, life and finances. Commissioner Reva Goetz also ordered Grossman to turn over “all documents, records and assets relating to Spears”.

At the same time, the lawyers who have been working on Spears child custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline filed papers to withdraw from that case. (Gulf Daily News)

Britney Spears w Pink HairOn a brighter note, Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline has agreed to let her see their two sons, but only if her mom gives the go-ahead first. Britney’s mom is currently looking after Sean Preston, two, and one-year-old Jayden James, while Federline attends New York Fashion Week. (Show Biz Spy)

Plus TMZ reports that Britney went back to work at Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood, (TMZ) and also had a hairdresser visit her at home by celebrity colorist Kim Vo on Thursday afternoon while he streaked her hair with a caramel coloring. Vo noted that it was a peaceful home setting and that things seemed very normal. (People)

Family Concerns and Legal Meetings

Britney Spears father, Jamie, and attorneys for Britney had a closed door meeting today that lasted for what was reported to be half an hour. Despite the meeting being hushed, it’s being surmised that Britney’s dad is getting a bit more control of different matters concerning her welfare.

It’s being reported that her parents were extremely disappointed that their daughter was released from the hospital. They believe her life is at risk. (Which confuses me since I read in a few spots yesterday that her dad was helping her sign out. I thump my head in confusion.)

I’m wondering where her parents have been all this time, but now that her dad has some control over her estate, NOW they’re concerned? I don’t like the timing.

At this point, it seems that Britney doesn’t seem to know what she wants as she bounces around from shopping at the wee hours of the night, to missing her legal meetings to enraged fights with people. (Of course, fighting with Lutfi might be a sign of sanity.). (People)

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Britney Out of Hospital Pursues Some Legal Advice!

Britney Spears Out of HospitalBritney was scheduled for a 14 day stay at the UCLA Medical Center Psych ward, but rather, it turns out that she was no longer required to stay there after 11:30 AM. today (Wednesday, Feb 6, 2008) and like her last visit to Cedars, somehow the doctors changed their initial opinion and now they no longer think she’s a threat to herself anymore.

For a small respite, I thought she was going to get the help needed to beat this condition that seems to have changed itself while under observation.

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We’re Back Covering Britney Spears!

It’s been a while, but the break is over and we’ve got lots of Britney Spears stuff to catch up on, so let’s get right to it.

I’m sure you know everything that’s been happening over the last few months but I would feel remiss if I did not at least make this new post for 2008 a mini-catchup post for the Content Quake fans or for those of you who have been hiding in a cave to recenter themselves.

At one point, it was reported by Star Magazine reported that Britney Spears has a secret sex room equipped with ticklers, whips and fur-trimmed handcuffs hanging from the metal bed frame. (Soooo, what’s the problem?)

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Britney Spears Custody Case Gets Uglier

According to a report this week in USA Today, the Britney Spears child custody case is getting pretty nasty. Apparently,britney_boys1.jpg child welfare investigators are looking into “multiple child abuse and neglect” allegations in the custody battle between Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Spears had asked the court to seal the custody and visitation schedules in a declaration filed in October, arguing that “such information greatly increases the chances that the actions of the media could threaten the safety of the children by, for example, causing a traffic accident.”

In a request to unseal parts of the case file, an attorney for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services wrote that there are concerns about the safety and welfare of the two toddlers, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, if they are left in their mother’s care.

I know everyone jokes about Spears and her neglect of the children, like when she was seen with one of her kids in her lap while driving. But apparently, its no joke at all and the results of this case could be serious and have a life long effect on not only Spears, but on the children as well.

More stories about the custody case can be found here, and also here.

Britney Spears – Blackout Bumped From #1


I guess Britney can’t catch a break. Her new album, Blackout sells like hotcakes in its first week in stores, to the tune of almost 300,000 copies and still cannot claim the #1 spot on the Billboard charts.

Due to a “technicality” which is allowing the new Eagles album, Long Road Out of Eden to be included in the Billboard numbers despite being exclusivly sold at Wal-Mart. And oh yeah, the Eagles album sold a staggering 711,000 copies!!!

Just hours before the press release was issued that would have crowned Brit the top seller for her fifth studio release, a Billboard executive lamented that even though it appeared the Eagles had handily beaten Spears, they would not debut at the top of the charts because of rules forbidding albums exclusively sold at one retail outlet from hitting the Billboard 200.

And then, Billboard changed their tune….

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