Britney Has More Visits, and Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Britney SpearsIt’s been a slow week for Britney Spears news, and I meet that with mixed emotions since I report the events of her life, but yet it’s a great thing to see that things are calming down these days, or at least are seeming to.

Things are also looking up for her family life as Britney visited with her sons for the third time in five days this week.

On other ‘up side’ news, it’s been reported that the LAPD is looking into the allegations that Sam Lutfi kept Britney drugged up, or as they put it, drugged the singer.

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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors.. Is Britney Pregnant?

When Britnye was HotIt’s being tossed around on the internet that Star Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears is pregnant with Adnan Ghalib’s baby.

First, the last time I quoted Star Magazine or the Enquirer, I got roasted on my other blogs and found myself printing retractions.

Second, no matter how daft someone might be, getting pregnant with the pap-spawn of Adnan Ghalib? I shiver at the thought of a little lens snapping goo of a baby being hatched into this world.

Is it too late to note that Ghalib is still technically married? Nah, I won’t mention that yet. That’s just stooping too low.

A source suppossedly told Star that Britney is Adnan’s dream come true and he knows that if he has a child with Britney, that he’ll have it made for life.   (If true, what a piece of .. work.)

I thought we could use a boost, so here’s one for the boys, from Britney’s younger days when everyone was drooling all over themselves for her … and rightfully so.

A 2nd Visit for Britney Spears.. and trolling Lawyers

Britney got to spend more time with her kids yesterday, again.  It’s been reported that Kevin Federline is trying to work out a schedule where the kids can see their mom more, but he is a bit skeptical about about having everyone have too much time, too fast.  Yet he’s happy everyone is getting the quality time together.

This all seems very healthy for everyone so far.

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie and the lawyer who thinks he represents Britney, traded barbs Monday in the fight over whether James Spears is violating Britney Spears’ civil rights by controlling her finances and life.  (And here we thought Britney was losing it)

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Britney See’s her Kids, Goes to Dinner and Some Other Stupid News

britney-spears-022408.jpgBritney Spears got to visit her kids Sean Preston and Jayden James for 3 hours on Saturday, the 23rd. That’s great news that has come as a result of Britney’s and Federline’s lawyers coming to an agreement on visitation rights between them.

Federline’s bodyguard took the little one’s to Britney’s home. Britney’s psychiatrist was present during the visit. Some sources are crediting Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie with taking charge and getting the show of reality back on the road.

This was the first time Britney has seen her kids since January 4th. Afterwards, Brit and her dad Jamie went to dinner at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

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Britney’s Video a No Go on MTV

Despite some posts about the internet that Britney Spears’ new video from her CD, “Blackout” was hitting MTV, Extra TV is reporting that a statement was posted on the MTV website stating:
“…and we’re going to snitch a look at ‘Break the Ice,’ the next music video from a way-under-the-radar performer by the name of Britney Spears.”


Since it appeared, the sentence was removed from MTV’s website and “Extra” has gotten a statement from MTV saying “The video is NOT premiering on Monday.”

Sorry gang. 

Lutfi Finally Served, Paps get Arrested

Sam LutfiSam Lutfi finally came out from under the rock he was hiding and got himself served outside his apartment this morning the infamous temporary restraining order, which precludes his getting within 250 of Britney Spears, her family, or her property.

The restraining order alleges: “Mr. Lutfi has drugged Britney. He has cut Britney’s home phone line and removed her cell phone chargers. He claims to control everything.”

Lutfi has also been associated with an attorney claiming to represent Spears and tried to move her estate case to federal court on the grounds her civil rights are being violated, though no one seems to know how this attorney, Jon Eardley, got involved since the conservatorship terms restrict Britney from hiring any lawyers. It’s been noted that Eardley has the same publicist as Lutfi. Same feathers of a bird?

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Britney’s Traffic Case Put on Hold

brit022008.jpgSuperior Court Judge T.K. Herman placed a continuance on the misdemeanor traffic case of Britney Spears until March 20 after it was noted that Spears’ conservatorship attorneys “do not think she is qualified or capable of entering into a binding agreement” at this time or that she is capable of giving a deposition or signed declaration.

This is in reference to when Spears hit a parked car on Aug. 6, 2007, and left without notifying the owner. She was originally cited for hit and run and driving without a license, but the hit-and-run charge was dropped.

Kevin Wants Britney to See the Kids But …

Kevin Federline is having the legal brood of law book slingers look into the premise of having Britney Spears see the kids again, now that she’s under the care of her family. Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline’s lawyer, explained that Kevin wants to reunite Jayden James and Sean Preston with their mother.

But after a court visit today, no changes to her visitation rules came out of it, so she will still be allowed phone visitations with her little ones.

While we’re on the subject of lawyers, Britney has a new one.. lawyer that is. Her name is Stacy Phillips and if that name sounds familiar, she once represented Bobby Brown in his bolt for marital freedom from Whitney Houston. On the down side, the courts say that once the conservatorship ends, she can choose her own lawyer at that time, if she wants. This means that Ms Phillips best do a great job if she wants to survive this trial representation period!

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Britney Spears Does Have Friends

It’s good to see that some people are coming forward and offering help to Britney, and not the kind of help that gets them snapped in pap pics at 2 in the morning.

Heidi Klum has put out a message saying that her family would welcome her with open arms if she ever needed a place to stay.

“She can call me and come live in our house with us for a couple of months. I would help set her straight,” Klum says in an interview set to air Monday in her native country, the Associated Press reports.

Britney Out to DinnerMeanwhile, some normalcy is occurring in her life as Britney and her father went out to dinner last night at Club Social in Hollywood. It was reported that the paparazzi mobbed the place and one of them got arrested after getting into a scuffle with another belligerent pap while trying to nab that $500 picture spot. It looks like one of them will be spending $500 to cover his bail.. I mean professional fee’s.

Britney News from Friday, and a Little bit of Jamie Noise

Britney Spears ShoppingTMZ says that Sam Lutfi is being investigated by the LAPD after Britney’s conservators complained that Lutfi drugged Spears to keep control of her. It was probably the only way she’d let him hang around.. nice guy, huh?

Talking about the convservatorship: Earlier this week a lawyer filed legal papers in federal court asking a judge to seize control of the conservatorship case on grounds Britney was at great risk in the L.A. County Court system.

Because of this action, there were concerns that just filing the papers, that the federal court obtained jurisdiction but so far, that is not the case.. they actually have to win the dang case. In fact it has been noted that the conservatorship and all orders are still in effect until a federal judge changes it up on everyone somehow.

Of course, Britney can’t go out or shopping without some stupidity occuring out of it:
Britney Spears went shopping on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Then the stupid, unnamed “insiders” said that while she was at Fred Segal, she might have “forgotten to pay for the clothes she changed into and wore out of the store” Supposedly even cops showed up, but Spears was able to leave the scene without incident.

Let’s keep in mind that most of her estimated $100 million fortune is out of her hands — and under the control of her brother and a lawyer.

And of course, her sister, Jamie, is going down an interesting path whether she likes it or not, since rumors are flying around that Casey was not the first guy she slept with or the last. Local boys from her home town are trying to make the press with their little blabberings.

In as much as Britney getting control of different matters in her life, I’d have to say that she has to stop showing up in public with stains on her shirts.. she looks like a spit drooling moron and that’s not what she needs right now!