Britney Releasing Video Diary

britneyupskirtcleavage03.jpgBritney has been creating a video diary of sorts.  How hard can it be?  With hundreds of photographers following your every move, ya think someone might be able to provide enough footage already?

Nope.  This diary is made by Britney Spears herself and it’s purported to have her lashing out at family, friends and ex’s.  I can imagine if this diary was made during the time when she wasn’t quite lucid, it should make for some pretty explosive material, but wow, is anyone that brave?

Rumors say that the Hollywood scene is holding their breath about the videos.

Her last video endeavor was the MTV show, Chaotic, that chronicled hers and Federline’s “private” lives.  (I did miss that one I must admit.)

These videos, if they really exist, I’m having a hard time believing that she had the presence of mind, no disrespect to her, to actually document her life while she was spiraling out of control.  In all the photography we’ve seen of her, I’ve never seen her with a video camera, or holding up her phone, or what have you video taping herself.  We’ll see.

Source:  SF Gate.

Britney in a Fender Bender Saturday Night

According to multiple sources, Britney Spears had herself a fender bender Saturday night at around 8:20 pm.

She apparently rear ended someone while she was on the connector from the 405 to the 101 freeways in the Los Angeles area.  (Actually in the San Fernando Valley)

That intersection is a few miles west of her frequented dance studio in North Hollywood.  Maybe she was headed there.

No one was hurt, nor anyone ticketed.

Sources:  TMZ and People.

Development on Conservatorship Over Britney Spears

It’s been reported today over on ET Online that the courts extended Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet‘s co-conservatorship over Britney Spears until July 31, 2008.

ET Online has a copy of the court papers if you would like to look them over.

ET Online

Timberlake to Chat with Spears?

It’s being reported that Justin Timberlake has been convinced by Britney Spears dad to come by during a summer BBQ later this year and chat face to face with Britney.

The theory is that if Britney gets some face time with Justin, it might help create an air of closure.

Closure to what, I don’t know.  Maybe all these mental issues we are perceiving is from not letting go.  For some, letting go can be tough when ‘the one’ gets away, but I’m just conjecturing off of the news.  Nothing more.

Is Television Not in Britney’s Future?

britney in how i met your momOver on the MTV Music News site, they are saying that Britney is not going to be joining the cast of How I Met Your Mother.

They chatted with Neil Patrick Harris by phone and his take was that this:  “She’s not an actress.  She played a role for a week, and did a really nice job, but the workload involved with doing memorization and the purging of comedy over and over is really, really hard. I mean, it takes a strong skill set to do that every week.”

Overall, he says she just isn’t ready for that kind of responsibility.  He did note that it was a great thing the studio did by closing off the set while she was there, and that gave her a break from the paps that scour the earth looking for her.

In an effort, IMHO, to keep the interest focused on the show, a spokesperson for How I Met Your Mother said the show had no comment on Harris’ statements.

Britney Donates to Idol Gives Back

Over onbritney spears donates to idol gives back, it’s being reported that Britney was drawn into the Idol Gives Back charity show.

After watching the show, she did a web search to look up some of the things they brought to out attention and was shocked that a simple thing as a mosquito bite can cause havoc with malaria.  Being here in America, we are desensitized  to the idea that it’s dangerous to just live a life in some places because everything is so sterile here.

Any how, she looked things up, asked her father for permission to donate and contributed $25k to the cause.   Good job Brit.

Everyone Is Getting Their Own Line Of Something

While every actor, actress and singer under the sun is getting their own line of clothes, umbrellas and what not, the news about town is that Britney is in the discussion phase of endorsing a line of Danish furniture.

The discussions are  with the Danish celebrity broker Claus Hjelmbak in his mind, he’s looking to help “bring Danish accent pieces to the United States . . . Britney will be the face of the brand.”Some say it’s an effort to stop the bleeding of funds, others, just a way to develop the healing processes.  Either way, she’s keeping it together and moving forward.

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Britney Secretly Looking for a Comeback Tour?

britney spears mtv awardsAccording to one source out on the web, Britney Spears is looking to get back on the road in a $100 million dollar comeback world tour.

The rumors from last week of Larry Rudolph getting back on the scene in Britney’s life seems to be of paramount timing with this new rumor.

Yes, she bombed at the MTV awards show, but she was right in the middle of her problems and no one should have let her do that, including MTV and their production company, but ratings make organizations do interesting things, and it did get them some media coverage above and beyond their show.

Her label, BMG, is reported to be confident in her ability to pull this off, and if what we’ve been seeing of late is the fact of the matter, she can pull this off.

Source:  News of the World

Some Fuel for Britney’s Custody Battle?

kevin federline expensesWhile Britney and Federline have silly rumors about getting back together, (Kevin corrected those quickly), we think that Britney’s divorce team might want to be taking a look at how Kevin Federline is spending the money according to documents filed in relation to their child custody battle.

Between May of 2007 and January of 2008, Federline has spent $43 grand on shopping, dining and hotels in Las Vegas.  Of the spending pattern, the ones that have my wondering are things like $1,400 on clothing, ~$6,800 on nightclubs and a $2,000 tip after a $365 meal bill… at Scores strip club.

It must be nice.

Source KNBC news, Los Angeles.

Britney is Welcome At CBS Anytime

britney spears on how I met your motherAccording to eFluxMedia, the producers of How I Met Your Mother on CBS are noted in saying that Britney Spears is welcome back anytime.

The rumors noted are that Britney Spears will be reprising her role of the smitten Abby.

Of course, her showing up on the show will be dependent on her availability as her career may start to redevelop.