Britney Goes Back To Court & Heads To Germany

Britney Spears was seen back in court on Friday, and not for her driving. This time, she was talking about the upcoming release of her album, her tour and any promotion that will go along with it. Her father is still in charge of things as far as her career and life goes. He has a finger on all she does as he tries to keep her in line. He doesn’t want to see Britney fall down again.

She does seem to be doing better in recent months. She’s winning awards, and she is out promoting Circus. Her next stop to promote is Germany. Britney will do a quick promotional tour starting Monday in Germany. She still has an appearance in France next weekend, and Britney: For The Record premieres on MTV next Sunday.

This is all leading up to release of Circus on December 2nd. Check out some new pictures of Britney below yesterday outside of a Starbucks in Los Angeles.

 frappucino-spears-02.jpg frappucino-spears-03.jpg