Is Britney Headed For Another Break Down?

That is the what the cover of this week’s issue of Life Style is wondering. Britney has been said to have broken down in tears recently while she prepares for the release of her next album and 2009 tour. The work needed is putting a strain on the singer, and it is also taking her away from her two children.

The magazine talks in detail about Britney’s Halloween fun, which we learn wasn’t completely carefree. Everyone is keeping a close eye on Britney to avoid any of their previous problems. Here is a snippet from the article. What do you think? Is Britney headed for another break down?

In addition to a group of gal pals keeping an eye on the singer, Brit, 26, had a designated chaperone at both bashes. Her agent, Jason Trawick, escorted her to Drew’s party, and Britney’s father, clad in a ghoulish mask, stuck by her side at Phil’s mansion bash. The reason for their presence, reveals a Spears family insider, was simple: Brit’s dad is still worried that his daughter is not ready to cope on her own.

Check out the cover of the magazine below.


Source: Life & Style Weekly