A New Day For All Things Britney

When it comes to Britney Spears, everyone wants to know about her life. She was on top of her game, once the girlfriend of Justin Timberlake, and then wife to Kevin Federline and mother of two. She fell so far so fast, but she is on the comeback trail now. Her next CD Circus will be released on her birthday. The woman and her family are never boring to follow. This blog will be your source for all things Britney. Whether it is her music, her life, or her family, you will find it all here.

My name is Regina Avalos, and I am now in charge of this blog – All Things Britney. I’ve been covering celebrity gossip, movies and television news since 2005. I have worked with several websites including Blogcritics, Gay Wired, Media Village, and I currently work with Teevieo and Today.com with my own entertainment blog, Celebrity Today. That blog is your source for reviews, movies, television and celebrity gossip! Check back here November 1st for the life of Britney.