Is Jamie Lynn Spears Sending the Wrong Message?

jamie_lynn_in_ok.jpgAs we know, the 17-year old Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a cute little package named Maddie Briann.  She’s sold the first images of the little bundle of joy to OK Magazine for a million dollars and has given a few additional interviews, of which I’m sure she was probably paid for too.

With that said, she’s made a bunch of mula from OK magazine pimping out her little one’s pics.  Something her mother, Lynne Spears helped broker.  That could make the statement, “grandma is a hands on grandma” have more meaning as she takes care of her own meal ticket.

But underneath it all, teen pregnancy seems to have been pushed into the background behind all the celebrity pitch of the famous sister of Britney Spears being a mom, dad off to work, grandma hovering, etc., etc..

I’m happy for her that “Being a mom is the best feeling in the world for her.”  BUT this is a 17 year-old girl who, like many others before her, didn’t THINK it through while romping between the sheets with her man-child boyfriend, Casey Aldrige.  If anything, whatever money they make from this endeavor should be contributed to teen-pregnancy organizations, because face it:  Almost all other teens who are pregnant aren’t making millions from their mistake.  Instead, they have a very different experience and that should be brought to light.

Meanwhile, OK Magazine is enjoying their relationship with the poster child for teen pregnancy.

That’s all I’m saying.

Source:  AP Google,   NewsWeek