Britney Wants Her Financial Control Back!

In yet another effort on her part to take her own life back, Britney appealed the courts ruling that extended her fathers conservatorship until July 31st.

Unfortunately her appeal was rejected by the courts on the grounds that the motion was not filed properly.

Is it me, or is it interesting that she keeps wanting to take her life back?  It’s one thing to be sick and need control, and it’s another to continually try to get control back and for what ever reasons deemed necessary, the courts continue to extend her dad’s control of her estate.

I hope it’s not some evil ploy by Jamie Spears, since he did leave his catering job for this new one!  On the other hand, I’m guessing we’ll really discover if Britney is healthy as soon as she does get control of her life back and see if she goes nuts with the funds or maintains a sense of sanity.

We can only hope and time, as in all matters, will be the telling factor.