Britney Knows Where She Wants to Be Buried

It seems kind of morbid, and if this came out six months ago, the media would have had a field day about it and the condition she was in back then, but alas, this is yet another sign of thinking ahead and getting healthy believe it or not.

Britney visited the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and took a respectful gander at the graves of Marilyn Monroe and Rudolph Valentin.  Now there’s an interesting mix and possibly an insight into some things she appreciates.

“Sources” say that she visits Monroe’s grave often and is fascinated by her and while on her own recovery, has been reading up on the past mega star.

A healthy statement accredited to Britney that was reported said that she said that she wants to live and wants to be brought here when she’s 101.  (Cute)

Source:  Monsters and Critics