Is Britney Dating Benji Madden?

That is the word going around since her return from her promotional tour in Japan last week. Apparently Larry Rudolph and her father made a list of men of possible suitors, and out of their entire list Benji Madden came out on top. He recently broke up with Paris Hilton, but the two have been getting close together the past week.

However, word has it that he has been on a few dates with Britney recently, and she really seems to like him. This looks like a possible publicity stunt for her upcoming 2009. That kicks off in March. What do you think of this love match?

Britney Hits Japan

Britney has been seen out and about in Japan the last few days as she has been promoting the release of her CD Circus in that country. She landed in Japan on Friday, and over the weekend she hit one of their talk shows where she also performed Womanizer. She has been keeping busy it seems. You can see video of her interview and performance below.

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Britney Sings On Ellen

Britney’s episode won’t air until next week, but Ellen Degeneres is giving us a sneak peek of her time with Britney Spears. Ellen helped Britney by giving her some singing tips as Britney tried singing Christmas songs. Britney had some troubles obviously! Here we see her singing Silent Night with Ellen right by her side. The episode airs on December 16th.

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A Holiday Message From Britney

Britney delivered her own message to her fans for this holiday season on Wednesday. She wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. She also took the opportunity to thank her fans for making Circus number one. The album sold 505,000 copies in its first week. Check out Britney’s message below.

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Britney Circus Cover & More


Britney has released the new cover for her next single, Circus. This will be released early in 09′. The album has done well for Britney, and it looks like it is set to hit number one with 500,000 in sales in its first week out.

However, not all is well in the world if Britney when it comes to Circus. PETA has come after the singer for a recent promo of Britney for the album. In the video, she appears as the ringleader of a real circus. Elephants were used in the video, and this is what has PETA up in arms.

This isn’t the first time PETA has had an issue with Britney either. Back in 2001, she danced on stage at the MTV Music Video Awards with a python. The organization spoke out against her then as well.

Britney Wants Justin


No, she doesn’t want him back, but there are rumors that Britney has asked Justin to join her for the US leg of her tour that is set to start in March. She has also put calls out to Elton John, Madonna, and Pharell Williams to make appearances on stage with her once she takes off.

She has also added six more dates to the UK leg of her tour which will now start on June 3rd with dates set through June 14th. There are also rumors of Britney moving to London ahead of her US tour, but there is no true confimation of that yet.

Jamie Lynn Steaming Mad

The Star Magazine has recently released an article stating that Jamie Lynn Spears, sister to Britney Spears, had liposunction performed on her body when she was in fact pregnant.

This happened before she realized the weight gain was due to the fact she was pregnant. She supposedly went to mama Lynne and asked her to allow the procedure. She is said to have cut through amounts of red tape to get thing done.

Now Jamie Lynn is upset about the claims, and she is thinking about taking legal action against the magazine. An inside source says:

It’s 100% not true. She would never in her life do anything like that.

Britney Releases Circus

A copy of the video was leaked on Wednesday,  pulled within moments. That lead Britney and her people to release the music video for her next single, Circus, early. Entertainment had the video air first on their show, and it is now out to the world. Check out the video below. What do you think?

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Jason Alexander Behind Bars

We all remember him as the man that Britney married in Vegas back in 2004. A marriage that lasted only 55 hours no less! The first sign of the madness to come in her life.

Now the man is behind bars in a Los Angeles area jail because he missed two court ordered appointments to go to the morgue for his alcohol education program. He was arrested back in 2006 for driving under the influence, and he was ordered then to take classes.

Now he is sitting in a jail in Van Nuys. He is set for release on December 9th. After that, his responsibilities with the morgue will be done.

Britney Hits Rockefeller

The Rockefeller Center tree gets lit tonight in New York City, but Britney taped her segment for the show yesterday. At first, it was said she would perform. However, she flip flopped a bit on this, and she finally just ended up doing a taped segment.

That will be seen when the tree lighting is shown on television. Check out some shots of Britney at her taping last night in New York City below.

britneyrockerfeller1.jpg britneyrockerfeller2.jpg britneyrockerfeller4.jpg